grey=mc² – Albert Einstein’s inkblot test

Yesterday night I had to proof read around forty pages of a translation of a difficult text. Translations help to understand a text in-depth. Deadlines help to work all night long.

Einstein Inkblot Test

Einstein Inkblot Test

I’m afraid that my comments were rather extensive. I did them by hand, using the Duden correction signs (DIN 16511). Consequently, my fountain pen ran out of ink around 3:50 in the morning. Until then I was using royal blue ink by Graf von Faber Castell, which I keep at the office. I seized the opportunity for a short break and decided to change colours.

I recently acquired this beautiful bottle filled with Albert Einstein ink by Montblanc at their store in Zürich. There are other places where you get this ink only if you buy the fountain pen with it (have a look at the 2013 Great Characters Edition, it’s every nerd’s dream!). I had not used the ink so far, so for me, it was the perfect motivation to keep correcting a little longer. The colour is beautiful. In part it looks like a soft pencil but then at the end of the letters where the pen rests for a second, it’s always two tones darker. It makes the writing look much more alive. The grey is very elegant. Indeed it reminds me of a grey cat strolling silently around corners while the moonlight is reflecting on the silky fur.

Einstein Grey Writing Sample

Einstein Grey Writing Sample

Albert Einstein Ink Montblanc

Albert Einstein Ink Montblanc

Montblanc  inkwell

Montblanc inkwell

Since Montblanc combined ink with Einstein for who imagination was a central topic, nothing seemed more obvious to me that to make the link to the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach and his inkblot tests. My very own Einstein inkblot shows the qualities of the colour quite well and at the same time allows your imagination to find some figures in it. What do you recognize?


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