20cm: The measure of good design

Korimoku is a traditional high quality furniture manufacturer from Japan. In 2009 they launched Korimoku New Standard, a new and modern line of furniture and household items created by creative minds such as Teruhiro Yanagihara, Scholten & Baijings, BIG-GAME, Sylvain Willenz and their own in-house team. For their furniture they use sustainable materials and pair the use of them with modern techniques. One can see and feel the know-how and craftsmanship when confronted with pieces from them.

BIG-GAME, a Swiss design studio based in Lausanne has created, amongst others, a 20 cm ruler for Korimoku New Standard. It is made out of perfectly finished itaya maple. It is covered with a gray-blue print referencing the annual rings of a tree, although it rather reminds me of the contour lines of a map. Each of the twenty lines indicates a centimeter at the upper side of the ruler. This size is actually much handier than standard 15 or 30 cm rulers as they just cover a bit more than the narrow side of an A4 sheet. And with its surprisingly low weight its even more fun to move it over the pages while drawing lines.


BIG-GAME Ruler by Karimoku New Standard



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