Vitra Toolbox

When I first started my job, I was assigned a nice office. Obviously, someone took the time to prepare everything for me. There were flowers and everything was at its place. Moreover, I was supplied with new pens and pencils, note pads, sticky notes, highlighters, you name it. My office even has a mountain view for which I am most grateful. But there was one thing I knew right ahead I would have to replace: A pencil holder made out of several plastic cylinders of different diameters and heights. It reminded me very much of the one I crafted in primary school out of cardboard rolls that we decorated with papier mâché. It had to go and a replacement had to be found.

I chose the Vitra Toolkit from Designer Arik Levi in brick color. It has a decent size that allows me to also store my calculator, cell phone and some notebooks in its different compartments. In this way, I think it is very functional which I appreciate. But the actual reason I chose it to be my daily companion at the office is that it doesn’t take itself too serious. It comes with a wink. What better reason would there be?


Vitra Toolbox by Arik Levi


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